10th Anniversary of Senior Living

10th Anniversary of the Apartments

On June 8th, members of the Perley Health community gathered for a barbecue celebrating the tenth anniversary of an important milestone: the opening of 139 independent-living apartments for seniors. Known as Senior Living, the project was a bold move. At the time, Perley Health was home to 450 people, including about 200 Veterans, in long-term care. By becoming a landlord to Seniors and Veterans with a variety of needs and income levels, however, Perley Health significantly increased its contribution to the community.

“The apartments were the cornerstone of a new strategic plan that set us on a new path—a path to modernize the housing and care of Seniors and older Veterans,” says Perley Health CEO Akos Hoffer.

Senior Living caters to the realities of modern seniors—the fastest-growing segment of Canada's population. While many seniors can live independently, others require assistance with day-to-day living. The Senior Living project created one- and two-bedroom independent-living apartments, as well as multi-unit apartments known as The Commons. Tenants of The Commons share living and dining rooms, and a kitchen, and on-site care professionals provide assistance with daily living. Regardless of apartment type, all tenants enjoy access to Perley Health's many amenities, services and programs. Veterans enjoy priority access to both the Senior Living apartments and to long-term care.

Another unique aspect of Senior Living is the financial deal that made the $42-million project possible. All three levels of government contributed, with the City of Ottawa waiving various fees in return for a guarantee that at least 45 apartments are rented below market rates.

“Perley Health has always been a valuable partner for the City of Ottawa,” says Marty Carr, Councillor for Alta Vista Ward. “Part of what's unique about the Perley is that Seniors and Veterans of various income levels and with various needs live side-by-side.”

The Perley Health Foundation raised more than $3 million from private and public donors, including a $1 million gift from Commissionaires Ottawa. In honour of this generous donation, the main apartment building is named Commissionaires Ottawa Place.

“This was really a community effort and it was heartwarming to see so many people donate to the campaign,” says Delphine Haslé, the Foundation's Executive Director.
The success of projects like Senior Living—the apartments have been continually occupied—along with ongoing strong donor support continue to drive innovation at Perley Health. The strategic plan that inspired the project also led to the establishment of the Centre of Excellence in Frailty-Informed Care.

“We need better ways of housing and caring for our Seniors and Veterans,” says Akos Hoffer. “In the next 20 years or so, the number of Canadians aged 85 and older will triple. This surge threatens to overwhelm our healthcare and long-term care systems. Thanks to the support of donors, Perley Health is helping to transform care for Seniors and Veterans.”

Doreen Morgan and Marion Adams proudly hold their 10th-anniversary certificates as Perley Health “Pioneers of Perley Health Senior Living”.

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