Perley Health is a unique and innovative community that empowers Seniors and Veterans to live life to the fullest. Home to more than 600 Seniors and Veterans in long-term care and in independent apartments, Perley Health is also a centre for research, education, and clinical and therapeutic services.

One of the largest and most progressive long-term care homes in Ontario, Perley Health also provides a growing number of clinical, therapeutic and recreational services to residents, tenants and people from across the region. Our Centre of Excellence in Frailty-Informed Care conducts and shares the practical research needed to improve care. Future caregivers come here to study and to acquire hands-on skills and experience. And more than 400 regular volunteers connect us closely with the community. Together, we improve the well-being of Canada’s aging population.

Perley Health is governed by a volunteer Board of Directors varying in number from 9 to 18 who help shape the future of one of the most progressive health centres in the province.

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The Board of Directors has several committees:

  1. Audit and Risk Management Committee
  2. Executive Committee
  3. Governance Committee
  4. Quality of Life and Safety Committee
  5. Stakeholder and Community Relations Committee

Perley Health's Board is made up of qualified independent members and senior executives, some employed and some retired. Together, the Board has collective expertise in managing private sector corporations, overseeing various levels of government, and advising on matters related to health, seniors and Veterans.

Directors are expected to attend monthly Board meetings and one committee bi-monthly and one or two Saturday morning workshops during each year.