Code of Ethics

Perley Health is committed to having a culture of ethical behaviour.

What follows are a series of documents formulating the written foundation for that behaviour

The documents provided are:

The Ethics Policy Framework consists of two parts:

  • Part 1 – the core policy direction on ethics at Perley Health
  • Part 2 – the implementation of that core policy direction.

One of the core policy directions contained in the Ethics Policy Framework is that all staff of Perley Health, residents, clients, visitors, volunteers, directors and adjunct advisors will adhere to and be guided by the contents of the Residents’ Bill of Rights, the Core Values, and the Code of Ethics for Perley Health. It is for this reason that these documents have been provided.

A further policy direction contained in the Ethics Policy Framework is that the Board of Directors will also adhere to and be guided by the Code of Conduct for the Board of Directors of Perley Health.

The Ethics Policy Framework provides an implementation direction that requires there to be a Board of Directors Ethics Resolution Policy.

Taken together these documents form the written foundation for ethical behaviour at Perley Health.