Memory Bench 2022

Perley Health Memory Bench Time Capsule

To mark the grand opening of our building 25 years ago, staff, residents, volunteers, and other members of the Perley Health community created a time capsule. They filled a wooden bench with mementos and asked that it remain sealed until 2021. Last November, we held a small ceremony to open the bench and examine its contents. Some of the items are now on display in the hallway across from the Physiotherapy and Massage Therapy Clinic. We invite you to stop by and have a look!

We are excited to announce that this fall, we will once again immortalize Perley Health by turning our Memory Bench into a time capsule to be opened another 25 years from now. We want you to help us to continue this tradition, and ask you to share your own memories so that we can continue celebrating and sharing our progress as an organization for years to come.

Celebrating Our Past

When the previous cohort of members of the Perley and Rideau Veterans’ Health Centre filled the original memory box they gave us the gift of reflection along with nostalgia. We are able to look over these keepsakes and not only cherish these memories, but also consider how far we have come, and rejoice in our past as we continue to move forward. We are excited to have the opportunity to continue sharing these moments for years to come.

We’ve come such a long way as an organization, even since 1996. Perley’s newest transformation, for example, has been underway since 2010, with major growth in our service offerings evolving over recent years and leading up to our rebrand. On October 6, 2021, The Perley and Rideau Veterans’ Health Centre revealed its new name and brand, Perley Health; a symbol of its vision and commitment to lead and advocate for innovative, holistic, person- and family-centered care solutions that improve the quality of life for all Seniors and Veterans.

Help Us Fill The Memory Bench for 2022!

We are proud of our organizational roots and we are eager to see what the future will hold for us as we continue to progress. We invite you to submit any items you would like to be sealed in the Memory Bench this fall, commemorating the Perley Health you know today. Space is limited, so we encourage the use of technology when submitting (video files, USB files, CD and DVD discs, and audio recordings are all welcomed) in addition to any photos, artwork, and stories you’d like to share. We look forward to receiving your contributions and ask that all items be submitted before October 21st, 2022. Please email if you have any questions or to submit your memories. We will update our community regarding event details for the ceremonial resealing of the Memory Bench later this year.