Memory Bench Museum

This footage was taken during the memory bench reopening ceremony on November 22nd, 2021. Akos Hoffer, Perley Health CEO, opened
the memory bench and revealed its contents to a small number of the Perley Health community who 
gathered for the ceremony
(COVID-19 protocols were followed). Staff musician, Trudy Létourneau, sang the 'Moving Day' song, written by staff of The Perley Rideau Veteran's Health Centre.

25+ Years of Memories

Twenty-five years ago, our building amalgamated The Perley Hospital, the Rideau Veterans Home, and the Veterans Wing of the National Defence Medical Centre. That November (in 1996), staff, volunteers, Seniors, Veterans, family, and friends of the newly named The Perley Rideau Veterans’ Health Centre sealed the memory bench with a variety of mementos to be opened 25 years later on November 21, 2021.

Last year, we opened the memory bench to reveal and share its contents. We honour this rich history and have some of these items currently on display, on-site,  to share with our community. We invite you to stop by on your next visit and take a walk down memory lane with us, you may even recognize a few faces!

Watch this space on #MemoryMonday as we catalogue some of the items that were sealed in the memory bench by the previous cohort of Perley Health!


National Nursing Week #MemoryMonday 2022

Nurses Cap worn 1970 - 1984 at Perley Health

nursing cap 
Pictured above is a nursing cap that was sealed within the Perley Health Memory Bench in 1996. These caps were worn by all nursing staff at Perley Health, and were originally made of cotton and starched to keep their shape. This particular cap was worn by a nurse at Perley Health from 1970 until 1984. It was later donated to the Occupational Therapy Department. If you have any of your own mementos and treasures you'd like contribute to the Memory Bench to be resealed for the next generation (ceremony to come this fall!) please email for more information! See below for submission suggestions and guidelines.


Perley Health introduction video #MemoryMonday 2022

Take a look at what life was like at Perley Health 25+ years ago!

Check out this VHS we found in the Perley Health Memory Bench! This footage was sealed in the time capsule more than 25 years ago and showcases Perley Health as it was before our building amalgamated The Perley Hospital, the Rideau Veterans Home, and the Veterans Wing of the National Defence Medical Centre.


Memory bench submission suggestions

We invite you to submit any items you would like to be sealed in the Memory Bench this fall, commemorating the Perley Health you know today. Space is limited, so we encourage the use of technology when submitting (video files, USB files, CD and DVD discs, and audio recordings are all welcomed) in addition to any photos, artwork, and stories you’d like to share. Unsure of what to submit? We encourage you to get creative! The past cohort filled the memory bench with all kinds of treasures including photos, handcrafted bowls and scarves, paintings, pins and plaques, medals and awards, sheet music for popular songs, magazines, a hand-carved boot jack, even a shovel from our new building's groundbreaking ceremony! If you're unsure if your keepsake will fit, or if need help with an idea, please feel free to contact, we are happy to provide guidance on the best way to capture your memories. We look forward to receiving your contributions and ask that all items be submitted before October 21st, 2022.

Please email if you have any questions or to submit your memories.

We will update our community regarding event details for the ceremonial resealing of the Memory Bench later this year!