Our Strategic Plan

Whither the Perley Rideau, Version II:

A Strategy for An Advanced Health Centre for Seniors, 2017 Update

Faced with sustainability challenges in a rapidly changing healthcare environment and an increasingly strained economy, Perley Health has developed a long-term vision and strategy to align the organization with the evolving needs of the community. This is a revised version of the strategy, the initial version having been implemented starting in 2010.

  • Perley Health’s vision is the following: Leading innovation in frailty- informed care to enable seniors and Veterans to live life to the fullest.
  • Perley Health’s strategy is based on the themes of value and sustainability. Expanding the Health Centre’s capacity along the continuum of care and specializing in frailty-informed care will deliver greater value to the healthcare system. The expansion will support government policy to reduce costs and meet growing demand for the care of older adults living with frailty.
  • The strategy will also improve sustainability by:
    • ensuring continued support from government;
    • growing commercial revenues;
    • decreasing costs through improved efficiency and investments in long-term cost savings.

To realize the Perley Health’s Vision, the Health Centre will continue to pursue four major strategies:

  1. Excellence in Care and Service;
  2. Ensure Sustainability;
  3.  Maintain a Quality Workforce;
  4.  Lead and Advocate for Change.

The strategy is being implemented in three phases, the first phase having been started in 2010, during a 15-year period and beyond.

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