Our Strategic Plan

Interim Strategy Cover

Strategic Plan

Perley Health has developed an Interim Strategy for 2022-2025: Read it here

The Interim Strategy brings focus to Perley Health’s 2010-2025 Strategic Plan. Significant progress has been made towards the goals outlined in the original 15-year strategy.

accomplishments chart

The long-term Strategic Plan is periodically refreshed to acknowledge progress and ensure its continued relevance. While the essence of the long-term strategy remains valid, our circumstances have changed dramatically since the Strategic Plan was last refreshed in 2017. Several unprecedented factors, including the COVID-19 pandemic, growing demand and public focus on Seniors’ care, and the healthcare worker shortage, created the need to refresh our Strategic Plan to ensure that we thoughtfully prioritize our efforts over the next several years.

In 2021, analysis was conducted to define focused strategic objectives and priorities for 2022-2025. The following image depicts our 2022-2025 strategic objectives and priorities, which will guide our efforts as we simultaneously work to develop our next long-term Strategic Plan.

objectives chart