Veterans' Care Overview

Programs and Services for Veterans at Perley Health


Long-Term Care for Veterans

  • Providing specialized, person-centered care to Veterans.
  • More than 130 long-term care beds for qualifying Veterans in the Rideau Veterans Residence.
  • Includes a dedicated 20 bed secure unit providing long-term care for Veterans living with dementia.

Senior Living Independent Apartments

  • Veterans and former RCMP are granted priority access.
  • 139 Apartments, 2 buildings
  • 95: 1 and 2 bedroom apartments
  • 40: studio apartments
  • Mixed income housing

Unique Programs and Services

Community Services

Events and Celebrations

  • Remembrance Day
  • Concerts, special events and performances
  • In 2023, 18 Veterans celebrated as Centenarians


Perley Health is fortunate to have volunteers who have either served in the Canadian Forces and/or are eager to serve Veterans. The team of 400 volunteers is committed to providing exceptional comfort and care to support long-term care residents and individuals in the Senior Living independent apartments. Dedicated volunteers undergo meticulous screening and training and some support onsite research projects. Their presence enhances participation in many activities, enriching the lives of Veterans and fostering a vibrant and supportive community.

For more information please visit or phone (for LTC: 613.526.7170 x 2300; Senior Living: 613.526.7170 x 2006)