SeeMe® Understanding Frailty Together

SeeMe® is a collaborative approach to care available to Perley Health residents. Under this approach, a resident, in collaboration with their family and care team, assesses the impacts of frailty on their overall health and well-being to make informed decisions about their care plan. SeeMe® focuses on what matters most to the Senior and aligns care plans with quality-of-life goals.

Central to SeeMe® is the concept of frailty: a reduced ability to cope with minor stresses, such as diseases, injuries and care interventions. Frailty tends to increase with age. Canada's healthcare system prioritizes curing diseases and fixing injuries, regardless of the potential impacts of intervention on quality of life. SeeMe® provides the knowledge and tools needed to collaboratively answer key questions about a person's well-being and care goals:

• How do I take into account this person's wishes if their health declines?
• How do I take into account this person's lifestyle preferences?
• Is medical intervention the best option for this person?
• How will frailty affect the result of surgery or other intervention?
• What are this person's quality-of-life goals?

SeeMee Infographic on Frailty

Developed by Perley Health and the subject of completed and ongoing research and evaluation by the Centre of Excellence in Frailty-Informed Care, SeeMe® is a comprehensive framework that enables residents to customize their care plans based on their values, preferences and desired lifestyle. The collaboration inherent in SeeMe® ensures that family members and care team develop a shared understanding of goals and outcomes.

A full information package about SeeMe® for residents and families is available here.
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