Board Governance Guide & Directors Handbook


The Board Governance Guide for Directors was initially approved by the Board in 2014; several updates have been incorporated into the Guide since that time.  The current version, Amendment #7, is the result of a thorough process of review and revision.  It includes amendments to Parts I-III that were approved Fall 2020 through June 2021 (publication, October 2021), updates to Part IV to reflect the new brand name (revision approved November 2021), and further amendments, largely editorial in nature, that were incorporated into the Governance Guide in Summer 2022.

The Addendum to the Board Governance Guide for Directors - Best Governance Practices - was updated and approved by the Board between December 2021 and May 2022, and was published in August 2022.


    Table of Contents                                                    

    Governance Guide Overview                                                          

    Part I - Strategic Direction and Governing Authorities (Four chapters; includes, as appendices, Supplementary Letters Patent and By-Laws)

    Part II - The Board of Directors  (Seven chapters)

    Part III - Executive Authority  (Two chapters)

    Part IV - Board Policies  (Overview; Process for Board Policy Approval; Index; and Board Policies)

    Addendum to the Board Governance Guide for Directors - Best Governance Practices  (Eight chapters)



    Directors Handbook v.3  (Approved May 05, 2022)