Perley Health is committed to treating all people in a way that allows them to maintain their dignity and independence. We believe in integration and equal opportunity. We are committed to meeting the needs of people with disabilities in a timely manner, and will do so by preventing and removing barriers to accessibility and meeting accessibility requirements under the AODA. 

Perley Health strives at all times to provide services in a way that respects the dignity and independence of persons with disabilities. This applies to all residents, tenants, clients, families, and visitors.

Feedback about accessibility

Perley Health welcomes feedback about the delivery of services to persons with disabilities. Such feedback may be made verbally (in person or by telephone), in writing (email, letter or completing a Feedback Form located in a folder on the family communication boards), or other more accessible means as requested.  

Feedback received will be followed up in accordance with the “Concerns & Complaints” policy.

Availability of accessibility documentation

Perley Health is happy to share its Accessibility policy and multi-year accessibility plan (see below), which outline the practices that will be followed by Perley Health to meet its obligations under the AODA. 

Other accessibility related documents, such as notices of temporary disruptions and training records are available upon request:

Access to information in accessible format 

Perley Health will make reasonable efforts to provide information about our organization and its services, including public safety information, in accessible formats or with communication supports in a timely manner, considering the person’s accessibility needs due to disability and at no cost. 

Perley Health will consult with the person making the request in determining the suitability of an accessible format or communication support. If it is determined that information or communications are unconvertible, we will provide the requestor with:

  • an explanation as to why the information or communications are unconvertible; and
  • a summary of the unconvertible information or communications.