Cultural Awareness & Inclusion Committee

The Cultural Awareness & Inclusion Committee (Committee) focuses on facilitating awareness of cultural diversity and inclusion within the Perley Health community through corporate communications and education.

The Committee aligns with Perley Health's People First philosophy. The Committee works to help foster a welcoming, inclusive community through education and events. It directly supports the organizational capacity to respond to the evolving needs within our changing healthcare system and an increasingly diverse community.


The Committee meets on a monthly basis to discuss and work on addressing the assigned goals of the Committee. The Committee aims to continue to expand in order to include a variety of members of the Perley Health community. The Committee is made up of those who are in leadership, management, and various members of the interprofessional care team. If you would like to reach out to members of the Cultural Awareness & Inclusion Committee, or if you have questions or comments, please write an email

Suggestion Box

The Cultural Awareness & Inclusion Committee suggestion box is intended to encourage feedback to help us succeed as an organization. We encourage you to use this as a forum to share ideas about what you want to see at Perley Health as we embark on our journey of inclusion.

We are hopeful that your suggestions will help everyone feel welcome and included in an amazing workplace. We also hope the suggestion box will establish communication channels with individuals who are not always comfortable sharing ideas in person.

We commit to reviewing all feedback and each suggestion and will respond within 10-15 business days unless anonymity is preferred by the individual.

Together, we improve the well-being of the people we serve.

Cultural Awareness and Inclusion Suggestion Box

Thank you for sharing your ideas and helping us on our equity, diversity, inclusion and belonging journey!