Resident and Family Advisors Wanted

Become an Advisor at Perley Health

Resident and family engagement can lead to better health outcomes, reduced errors/adverse events and increased satisfaction for all. Residents and families have become experts based on knowledge gathered from their own experience. Although healthcare professionals make a positive contribution in providing care, at times, it can be difficult to see the whole picture from the resident’s perspective. Bringing the perspectives of residents and families directly into the planning, delivery, and evaluation of care is a critical part of improving safety and quality.

Perley Health has a long history of working with our residents and their families. Dedicated members and volunteers of the Veteran Residents’ Council, Community Residents’ Council and the Family and Friends Council (FFC) meet frequently to discuss issues that matter to them. As a resident or a family member, you are always welcome to participate in these Council meetings. You can also stand for election to the Council Executives. If you would like more information please click here to visit the web page of the Family and Friends Council.

The Councils, share information with all residents and families and provide feedback to the Perley Health management team on a variety of high level issues. To supplement this involvement, we seek residents and family members to act as advisors, and become valuable and equal members of project teams to discuss a variety of quality improvement initiatives.

What Does “Resident and Family Advisor” Mean?

Advisors are residents and family members who want to:

  • Help improve the quality of care for residents and the caregiver experience of family members
  • Ensure that the personal experiences of the family member and resident are included in the care process
  • Help plan changes to improve the care of residents, overall

What Do Resident and Family Advisors Do?

You may contribute in one or more of the following ways:

  • Attend council meetings. You can participate either as an active council member or serve as an executive member. If you would like more information please contact using the information at the bottom of the last page.
    • If you are a Veteran long-term care resident, please attend the Veteran Residents’ Council meetings.
    • If you are a community long-term care resident, please attend the Community Residents’ Council meeting.
    • If you are a family member or a friend of a resident, please attend the Family and Friends Council meetings.
  • Participate on projects that interest you and fit your preferred level of involvement, either short or long term. We want to find a match between your interests/expertise and the program’s work plan. You will receive briefings and background materials to equip you to be a contributing member of a project team.
  • Share your care experience. Advisors can help by talking about their health care experiences with the care team, staff, and other families and residents.
  • Participate in discussion groups. Advisors can relate their experience as a family member or resident and describe what opportunities exist for improvement.
  • Review existing, or help create new, education or information materials. Advisors help make these materials easier to understand and use by family members and residents.

What is the Expected Average Level of Involvement?

  • Depending on the project, Advisors can expect to contribute up to 10 hours a month.
  • By signing up as a Resident or Family Advisor, you are indicating that you would like to be matched with a project team.
  • You are not committing to anything until you meet with the Team Leads and decide to join. The team usually meets regularly during working time on site at the Perley Health (we are happy to provide assistance that you may need).

Who Should Be Interested in Becoming an Advisor?

You are prepared to:

  • Voice suggestions and identify potential solutions to help improve care
  • Talk about personal experiences as a family member or resident (this can be extended to the experiences of others)
  • Be open to work on a variety of issues
  • Show an understanding of Perley Health values
  • Bring a positive attitude to discussions, listen and respect different opinions
  • Keep any shared information private and confidential
  • Have a recent care experience with the Perley Health

How to Get Involved?

If you are ready to become an advisor, please provide us with your availability and how you would like to be contacted through:

We will contact you after receiving your email or voicemail. Once you hear from us, you can expect an initial in-person meeting with our Staff Lead to get to know you, give you more information about the program and answer any questions.

We look forward to meeting with you.

Thank you very much for your interest in becoming an important member of the Program.

Download the Resident and Family Advisory Brochure (.PDF)


I am pleased to be able to share a few words on my experience as a family advisor.

When our frail, blind elderly mother, was discharged from hospital, my sisters and I were faced with the difficult task of finding a suitable home where her needs would be met in a safe environment. This was a difficult and heart wrenching experience and after 4 months, our mother, weighing just 70 pounds was finally admitted to the Perley Hospital. This was “heaven on earth” after what she had been through and we were extremely grateful to see her being cared for in such a loving environment. Her last months were spent on 2N where she joyfully celebrated her 100th birthday with family and friends.

Shortly thereafter, an opportunity arose for me to apply to become a family advisor, and I was excited to put my name forward to get involved and contribute from the family perspective.

In this capacity, I have met a wonderful group of dedicated professionals who are passionate about improving the care for all residents. Just last week, I learned about the PATH project which brings together “treatment” in the context of “quality of life”. This innovative approach is especially important in the advancing years as it's not so much longevity as it is the “quality” of life lived.

On a personal note, my husband is now happily settled in a retirement home after 20 years of decline at home. I am thankful to have a voice and optimistic that he will be well cared for.

Thank you,

Maureen O’Byrne

Thank you for an opportunity to speak about my experience with the BPSO Committee. 

I feel privileged to be on the "inside" as a member of a committee interested in improving care for residents. 

I am impressed by the multi-disciplinary approach in attaining this goal. Representatives from all departments contribute and problem solve. Members of this committee bring positive energy and commitment in searching for solutions. This committee not only vies to do the best for residents but acts as a leader in sharing solutions with other care facilities. 

I also feel the Perley is a facility open to including the resident, family, friends and community partners in their discussions and decision making, always trying to find the best care. The resident comes first. 

When I hear of innovative plans and care models, I  know that the Perley is not satisfied with the status quo. Because of this I feel very confident about care and support being given at the Perley in Ottawa. 

Madeline Taylor