Assisted Living Services for High-Risk Seniors

Perley Health Collage, Smiling Staff Members

Assisted Living Services for High Risk Seniors (ALS-HRS) is a publicly funded, community-based program that provides eligible Seniors with the personal support and care they need to live in their homes for as long as possible. To determine eligibility for ALS-HRS, a Government of Ontario case manager must complete an assessment. ALS-HRS is free of charge, although access to the program is limited. Perley Health’s Assisted Living Services team works with eligible tenants to determine the mix of services that best meets their needs.

ALS-HRS can include:

  • Help with everyday activities, such as bathing, dressing, meal preparation and housekeeping.
  • Reminders to take medication.
  • Safety and reassurance checks (by phone or in person).
  • Electronic 24-hour emergency response.

    For more information about ALS-HRS or to schedule an assessment, please call 613-526-7171 and contact Ursula Herzig at extension 2011 or Stephanie Deschamps at extension 2212.

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