Cultural Awareness & Inclusion Committee Established

A number of initiatives are underway that aim to foster an environment that feels safe, welcoming and respectful for the entire Perley Health community. Key initiatives include the establishment of the Cultural Awareness & Inclusion Committee (CA&I)—comprised of staff and managers—and a partnership with CCDI Consulting. Staff and managers can now access a wealth of relevant information, webinars and events through CCDI, a full-service consulting firm focused on inclusion, diversity, equity and accessibility.

“Promoting respect for diversity and inclusion benefits everyone—from staff and managers to residents, tenants and families,” says Lisa Peuhkuri, Director of Human Resource. “Encouraging people to be honest, compassionate, humble and authentic, and promoting a non-judgemental culture support the larger goal of continuous improvement.”

During June, Perley Health celebrated Pride Month by temporarily incorporating the rainbow flag into the corporate logo, distributing pins and posting relevant content on corporate social-media accounts. Perley Health has made name badges available that include gender pronouns, and employees are now able to add their gender pronouns to their email signatures if they so choose. There are also plans to designate some washrooms as gender-neutral. Other initiatives include a series of lunch-and-learn sessions, suggestion boxes and an employee survey.

Initial results have been positive, although modest. The first three lunch-and-learn sessions drew a total of 24 participants, for instance, while the suggestion boxes have received five submissions. The next step in Perley Health's diversity-and-inclusion journey is to analyze the results of the CCDI survey, completed by approximately one-third of employees.

All members to the Perley Health community are encouraged to join in the journey by sending an email to or by submitting a suggestion via the Committee's suggestion box, second floor, Perley Centre.

The Perley Health Inclusivity pin.

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