Visitor Information

For up-to-date information on visting during the COVID-19 pandemic, check out the "Resumption of Visits" webpage : CLICK HERE

  • Please note that during this pandemic, some of the practices and procedures for visiting have been changed, as guided by the Ministry of Health and Ottawa Public Health.
  • Current information can be accessed on the Resumption of Visits webpage.
  • Thank you for your support and understanding as we work to keep our community safe.

Welcome to Perley Health



Visitors are very welcome to visit with residents or join them for concerts, religious services and special events. Visiting hours are not restricted, but visitors are asked to please respect the duties of the staff and privacy of residents.


Each family of a resident in long-term care is eligible for one free parking pass. This policy only applies to residents in long-term care.

Short-stay residents are issued one complimentary one-time use parking card upon admission.

There is no charge for a 30-minute drop-off or pick up.

Residents / visitors may purchase single use parking cards for a flat rate.

Download our parking map: CLICK HERE

Building Access

For the safety of residents, staff and volunteers, the exterior entrances /exit doors to the three resident buildings (Rideau, Ottawa, and Gatineau) are locked.

Entry / exit requires the use of a building access card or access code.

Family members and visitors may apply for an access card at the Reception Desk in the Perley Health Centre by filling in an application form and leaving a deposit of $15.00.

Visitors without an access card may enter the building by the Main Perley Health entrance.

All buildings are fully accessible for wheelchairs and walkers.


The use of cell phones is permitted. We ask that everyone respect the dignity and privacy of our residents and staff and please refrain from taking photos while visiting Perley Health.

A public telephone is available in the reception area including a direct line for taxi service. 

Residents may make arrangements for their own personal telephone service. Calls can be made to residents by phoning 613-526-7170 plus the resident's four-digit extension number.

There is pay phone on the main floor of the Perley Health Centre, down the hall from the pharmacy.

Contact Administration


Certain Pets are welcome to visit but need to be under control at all times, vaccinations must be up-to-date, and directions from staff are to be respected.

Only service dogs are permitted in the Perley Health cafeteria.


No smoking is permitted within the buildings by visitors. In compliance with Ontario legislation, smoking is not permitted within 9 metres from a door.

Guest House  

Serving a short-term respite program; there are specific guidelines for the Guest House. Please contact the Program Manager at 613-247-1664 for details.


Tenants have the same access rights as apartment residents anywhere. However, safety and security are an important element of the apartments without impacting the rights of each tenant to live independently as he / she so chooses.

More specific information is available by contacting the Rental Office at 613 -526-7170 ext. 2006.

All buildings are fully wheelchair and walker accessible.