Intergenerational Programing


Intergenerational Childcare

Embark on a revolutionary intergenerational childcare experience with Perley Health and Andrew Fleck Children's Services.

  • Capacity: Dive into a nature-inspired, quality early learning space hosting up to 49 children.
  • Research Hub: Our Centre of Excellence gathers valuable insights, shaping the future of intergenerational care.
  • Accessibility: With extended hours, our program accommodates the diverse needs of staff working various shifts.

We are excited to share that we are gearing up for construction to start in 2024.

Intergenerational Playgroups

Witness the enchantment of intergenerational connections in our weekly playgroups.

  • Sessions: Every Friday morning, 10 seniors engage with 10 children aged 0-6.
  • Learning Hub: Lessons learned from these vibrant sessions actively influence program and space development.
  • Get involved: For families with children interested in participating, email and for any tenants or residents interested in participating, please email Casandra Boushey at

Pilot Program: Intergenerational Music Program


Immerse yourself in the harmonious union of seniors and youth through the magic of music.

  • Weekly Rhythm: Seniors and youth take turns leading one-hour music sessions, fostering unique connections.
  • Building Bonds: Consistent groups for 6-week blocks, with the potential to become a cherished regular program pending sustainable funding.

*This successful pilot was completed in the Fall of 2023. Perley Health is hopeful for it's return as an ongoing program pending funding approval.

Caring for Others Program

An exceptional collaboration between Immaculata High School and Perley Health.

  • Grade 10 Engagement: Students earn credits while making a meaningful impact on seniors and young children.
  • Wednesday Activities: Dedicated time for one-on-one interactions, therapeutic recreation activities and various community-focused endeavors.

Get involved: Contact Susan Kehoe at Immaculata High School, 613.237.2001



Youth Volunteering

Explore open opportunities for volunteers aged 13 and above, contributing to our vibrant community.

  • Summer Engagement: Join our youth program in July and August for a fulfilling and educational experience.
  • Family Involvement: Parents are encouraged to register and volunteer alongside their children.
  • Educational Opportunities: Co-op placements available for both high school and university students.

Get involved: Contact Volunteer Services at

Take our Kids to Work Day

Explore open opportunities for volunteers aged 13 and above, contributing to our vibrant community.

  • Full day of activities for Grade 9 students who are family members of Perley Health employees
  • First Wednesday of November

Get involved: Contact your child's school and Volunteer Services at