100th Anniversary of the Royal Canadian Air Force (RCAF)

In celebration of the 100th Anniversary of the Royal Canadian Air Force (RCAF), Perley Health had the distinct honour of hosting a special celebration event for our community on April 1, 2024!

Our community was treated to wonderful performances by violinists, refreshments and hors d'oeuvres, were gifted special lanyards and 100th anniversary commemorative pins (as well as other RCAF swag - posters, pens, et0.c,), and the opportunity to hear from and mingle with special guests from the RCAF and Boeing Canada!

Perley Health was honoured to host special guests and speakers including residents and tenants who are Veterans of the Royal Canadian Airforce; friends and loved ones; RCAF Major General, Duff Sullivan (Ret'd), Boeing Canada; Canada's first female fighter pilot, RCAF Major Dee Brasseur (Ret'd); Lt Col. Brian Briere , RCAF; active members of the RCAF; Courtney Rock, Director of Development, Community Engagement, and Partnerships, Perley Health Foundation; and Mary Boutette, Chief Operating Officer Perley Health.

"Reflecting on the past hundred years, we are reminded of the countless brave souls who have donned the uniform of the RCAF, answering the call of duty with unwavering courage and commitment,” said Major General, Duff Sullivan (Ret'd), in a moving speech during the ceremony. “From the daring pilots who soared through the skies in times of conflict to the dedicated ground crews who kept our aircraft flying, every one of you has played a vital role in shaping the proud legacy of our Air Force."

The event, initially conceived as a small social gathering, quickly evolved into a grand celebration that brought together residents, loved ones, community members, valued partners and friends, Veteran volunteers, and active RCAF members

“It's so amazing to see how Rachel and Victoria had started with an idea to hold a small social for the Air Force Veterans, and then how quickly word had spread through the RCAF community -- next thing you know, we're pivoting to a large celebration that included guests and 17 active RCAF members who showed up in uniform!” said Rachel Dobson, Recreation Therapist, Perley Health. “It was amazing to see the guests mingling and sharing stories. It was a very, very special day.”

Thank you to all of our special guests for joining us on this momentous occasion. We thank you, all members of RCAF, all Veterans, and all who have and continue to serve, for your bravery, your service, and your sacrifice.

Special thanks to the Rideau Recreation team for planning this event, Rachel Lavergne, Victoria Hammond, Rachel Dobson; as well as our amazing Airforce Veterans and Perley Health volunteers, Jody Thompson, Ray Syed, and Jocelyn Niven; and music students from the University of Ottawa, Sarah and Syara, who played the beautiful ceremony music.

Did you know:

  • We have 44 residents and 15 tenants who are air force veterans!
  • Three of these Air Force Veterans are members of our Century Club and are 100 years of age or older! (Beryl Vignale R2S, Morris Mattuck R2N, and Fred Hobbs R1N)!
  • Some Perley Health residents and Veterans actually flew together while they served and were reunited at Perley!
  • There are a small number of Perley Health couples who BOTH served in the RCAF!

By Meg O'Connell


Veteran and Perley Health resident, Daniel Kendrick, attended the event at Perley Health and received a commemorative pin.