Lacey Sheng

Trained as a physician in China, Lacey specialized in respiratory diseases and focused on Traditional Chinese Medicine treatments while earning her Master’s, Integrated Traditional Chinese Medicine and Western Medicine from the Beijing University of Chinese Medicine. Lacey completed her medical residency at China Japan Friendship Hospital in 2013, studying under the distinguished Dr. Enxiang Chao. After moving to Canada in 2013, she attended the Master of Health Administration program at University of Ottawa and completed her residency at Bruyère Continuing Care in 2015.

She joined Perley Health in 2016 and guided preparations leading up to the Health Centre earning Accreditation with Exemplary Status. Lacey also led the team to successfully obtain $100,000 in innovation funds. She oversees multiple initiatives that improve health informatics and decision support structure, helping to deliver on the philosophy of person-centred care approach. 

Lacey earned her designation as a Certified Health Executive in 2018. She holds the LEAN green belt, Canadian Patient Safety Officer Certification, RAI credential and has completed the IDEAS Advanced Learning program. Lacey received the Michel Bilodeau Award for 2015, and a Bravo Zulu recognition pin from the Perley Health Board of Directors in 2018. Lacey speaks both Mandarin and Cantonese and visits her family in China often.