Parking Changes

November 23, 2021

From: Mary Boutette, Chief Operating Officer
To: Perley Health Community
Subject: New Parking Rates Effective March 28, 2022
Perley Health is committed to keeping parking rates as low as possible while generating the revenue we require to ensure safety, security and service to our community. 
To this end, we have consulted widely with the community and will continue to do so before and after new rates are introduced on March 28, 2022.
Shortly, we will be inviting representatives from the resident community, including Veterans and Community residents, the Family and Friends Council, tenants and caregivers to join a new Parking Panel. This panel will help guide us through the implementation and serve as your voice on parking issues on an ongoing basis.
Stay tuned for more information as we work together to introduce new parking services.

July 12, 2021

  • In his latest video, CEO Akos Hoffer spoke about the parking issue.  Watch video: Here

U-turn on our parking strategy

As promised, we’ve gone back to the drawing board on our new parking strategy.

Over the summer we will be consulting with more residents, families and other stakeholders on the best ways to make the Perley Health campus more accessible at the same time as we ensure that our revenues offset the cost of providing proper parking services. 

Watch for our parking questionnaire later this summer! 


Q1: Will parking fees be going up?

A1: New rates for staff have already been communicated. Later this summer, we will be consulting again with other stakeholders on the best ways to make the Perley Health campus more accessible while ensuring that our revenues offset the cost of providing proper parking services. 

Q2: What about caregivers and others?

A2: The new rates for parking will be guided by the principles of fairness and equity. But, before we lock those rates in, we’d like to hear more from stakeholders.

Q3: How much of an increase are you considering? 

A3: We’re still crunching the numbers and are examining a variety of financial scenarios to ensure we can provide proper parking services.

Q4: Will family members have to pay each time they come to pick me up and drop me off?

A4: We’re hoping to reserve a number of spots for pickups and drop-offs. We’ll be better able to answer that question once we’ve analyzed the results of the coming consultations.

Q5: When will the changes take effect?

A5: We’re not going to rush things. If all goes well, we hope to be ready early in 2022.

Q6: The parking system you had proposed was complicated, particularly for those of us who aren’t computer-savvy. Is the new system going to be any simpler?

A6: Our team is reassessing all aspects of the new parking system, particularly cost and ease of use. We’re also exploring options on how we may assist individuals experiencing hardship.

Q7: I have some thoughts/ideas/comments I’d like to share. Where can I send them?

A7: Constructive input is always welcome! Feel free to send your comments to

Q8: Will the gate be coming back?

A8: No. The gates will be gone for good.

Jay Innes

Director of Communications

April 19, 2021

  • Thank you to everyone who provided feedback on the forthcoming changes to the Perley Health parking payment system.

  • We have determined that the new parking system will be delayed and will not come into effect on May 1, 2021, as announced. 

  • The exact date has not yet been determined.

  • The current parking system will continue uninterrupted.

  • We will promptly share updates as they become available.

  • We thank you for your support and patience.

For questions about parking, please contact PrecisePark Link: 

  • Website: preciseparklink
  • Phone for HPASS/General site inquiries: 613-225-2640;
  • Phone for Monthly Parking registration: 416-243-6990.  
  • General site inquiry/HPASS email: