Physiotherapy and Massage

  • The Physiotherapy and Massage Clinic at Perley Health is located in the Atrium.
  • Various programs are available such as strength training classes, gait training, pain relief and cardiorespiratory physiotherapy.
  • Upon admission, all residents are assessed by a physiotherapist to determine if treatment is appropriate under Ministry of Health guidelines.
  • Residents who qualify, receive a treatment plan for services that are covered under Perley Health.
  • Residents who don’t qualify but may benefit from treatment, are provided with options for payment of fees.
  • The fees for these services are not covered by Perley Health but may be covered by the resident’s private insurance.
    • Residents and their families may choose private physiotherapy and/or massage therapy services to supplement their care.
  • All care provision must adhere to the Private Physiotherapy and Physiotherapy Support Services Policy that outlines the expectations of the private provider, resident/family and Perley Health.
  • For more information, please call 613 526-7175.